"I AM A NEW MAN!!! Dr. Nagy and the amazing new technology has changed my life. I suffered with pain for many years. I struggled to think, speak or have an active life. Not anymore, I am pain Free! If anyone is in need of a fusion and scared to go through with it, DON'T BE. I have my life back! Thank You Dr. Nagy."

Stephen C.





testimonial-2"Dr. Nagy and Kristine Leavitt are life savers. I owe my freedom to my music. I suffered from carpal tunnel pain for 11 years and was not able to play the music I love."

"They gave me back my freedom.
I am pain free and able to complete my album for the world to enjoy. Thank You both so much."

Dawn S.





testimonial-3"Since my first visit to Dr. Nagy's office I have been treated with compassion and respect by Dr. Nagy and Kristine Leavitt. The office is efficient. The entire staff is friendly with super personalities. I wish all of the doctors offices were as professionally ran as this one. It's been a great pleasure."

Thank you, 






"I have lived with years of pain due to an old high school injury. Dr. Nagy and Kristine Leavitt corrected three herniated discs and my carpel tunnel. Only a few days after my last surgery, I am pain free!

The office staff is wonderful and the nurses at UMC provided me with great care.

I was referred to Dr. Nagy by my neighbor. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from neck and/or back pain.

Thank You Dr. Nagy and staff for all you do."







"It was 1990 and the shocks started on the right side of my face. I saw a doctor at Kaiser Hospital in California. He prescribed a couple different medications. The pain eased for a few years, then progressively got worse. It was painful to chew, smile or even laugh. My primary doctor told me about a surgical procedure called Microvascular Decompression. He recommended that I see Dr. Nagy. After meeting with Dr. Nagy, I did a lot of research regarding medication verses surgery. Medication did help, but only gave me temporary relief and I would need to take them daily forever. After learning that the down time with surgery is only a couple days and the pain is gone immediately; I scheduled right away. The procedure was quick with little to no pain afterwards. The shocks and facial pain are completely gone. I'm playing bridge with my girlfriends again."

Thank You Dr. Nagy!


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